Tips & Tutorials

These are tips and tutorials I have written, from oldest down to newest.
Some are pretty old now and quite out of date.

Disable scripts on items that don’t need them
Tips on disabling scripts to reduce lag

Profile pics and profile Picks
A tutorial on sizing pictures with the correct aspect ratio. A little out of date now as it concentrates on v1.x Viewers, but still useful.

Photography tips
[10-Oct-2010, updated 12-Feb-2022]
Hints and tips on SL photography, including my “Shoot from the Hip” technique that I use a lot.

Oh no! I deleted half my house! (and other disasters)
How to rezz objects that got deleted or returned, making sure they are returned to exactly the same position. Essential for when you delete half your house!

Show Me the Money!
[20-Mar-2012, updated 05-Jul-2017]
A tutorial on how to use the LindeX and get more L$ for your US$

Round, round, I get around
[27-Mar-2012, updated 12-Feb-2022]
How to flit around a large sim using double-click teleport, and how to find and follow people who are doing it. Also covers using the mini-map.

I am not a bowling pin
How to avoid barging into people when moving around before everything has fully rezzed by using the mini-map.

The Art of Prim Reduction
[14-Apr-2012, updated 20-Jun-2017]
Reducing the primcount of your home by baking pictures and artwork onto the walls themselves. Also, how to use a script to redecorate at the touch of a button.

Level of Detail
A short post on setting your Level of Detail (LOD) so that mesh renders properly from a distance.




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