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Paige heels by ICHULY

Vendpr advert

I’m absolutely sure that I already own these from a different vendor but I can’t find them anywhere in my inventory.

L$90 per mini-pack (choice of 8):

  • B/W pack
  • Pink pack
  • Red pack
  • Brown pack
  • Sand pack
  • Blue pack
  • Green pack
  • Nude pack
Mini-pack vendors

Fatpack L$599 (breakeven 6.66)

The Fatpack HUD gives 32 colours for each of Leather, Lace, Laces, and Sole, plus 7 metals, and 5 “Taps”.

From playing with the HUD, I can see that “sole” is actually the insole, and “tap” is the outer sole and heel tip. Also, “leather” affects the the non-lace part of the upper, plus the heel (excluding the heel tip).

The HUD also lets you show/hide the left and right shoes individually, although I don’t know why you would want to do that!

You can also turn “details” on and off, although on the demo HUD this didn’t seem to do anything.

Fatpack HUD

I took a punt on the B/W pack, and can confirm that the HUD you get with a mini-pack is the same as the Fatpack apart from the fact you only get your chosen row on Leather and Lace.

Also, “Details” still seems to do nothing.

Example of a Mini-pack HUD

All packs come with two versions of the shoe – loose and tight. Sizing is Lara/LaraX, Legacy/Perky, and eBody Reborn.


Let me know what you think!

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