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Fiona overknee boots by Meva

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on a pair of boots I bought at Uber towards the end of last month (26-Jan-24, to be precise)

They are Fiona Overknees by Meva.

Very stylish overknee boots with stud detail.

Compatible with Lara, LaraX, Legacy, and Reborn.

NOTE: I found that the LaraX version requires you to hide your feet.

The HUD gives

  • 15 textures for the main sleeve of the boots, which includes some distressed looks
  • 15 textures for the toe / upper and the counter (the back of the foot)
  • 15 textures for the straps and the seam up the side of the leg
  • 12 metals for the cubes
  • 12 metals for the round studs
  • 12 metals for the buckles
  • 12 metals for the zipper
  • 12 textures for the sole

All this for L$460

The Uber event that these are for sale at runs until 22-Feb-24



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Lara Lingerie by erotiK

A sexy bustier top with a LOT of underbewb, with matching thong, with heart ring details and corset ribbon lacing.

L$99 for the fatpack in the weekly “99 sale”.

Legacy + Perky, Reborn + Waifus, Kupra, Maitreya Lara + LaraX

The HUD gives you a lot of options (see pic below), including latex textures and seda (silk), plus patterns.

The positions of the Top and Bottom colour options seem to be in the same, even though on the HUD they look different. Kind of an odd choice not to use exactly the same textures for both on the HUD.


Other things I am wearing in the pics:

Body is LaraX, head is Catwa, skin is Laqroki

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Sable bodysuit by BDR

A skimpy sexy bodysuit by Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR) available in 3 different texture styles:

  • PVC – L$69 as part of the Kinky 69 event
  • Fishnet – L$77 as part of Miix Weekend
  • Patterns – L$77 as part of Miix Weekend

The unpacker allows you to just unpack your body type, or to unpack all.

The Maitreya version does not include the newer LaraX but instead just the older Lara.

I went for the PVC version, and the HUD gives you varying levels of transparency, plus a solid version, which is pretty sexy.

It’s worth noting that on me (wearing Maitreya Lara), the nipple piercings don’t actually line up with my nipples meaning I need to hide the piercings for anything other than a solid texture.



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Heart on Collar by Paniq

A cute unisex collar / choker, with a heart ring at the front, buckle at the back, and heart details.

Comes with both a version scripted for the Whim RLV collar system, and an unscripted decorative version.

It is unrigged mesh. It moves with the head, rather than with the neck. There’s no deformation, which is one of the advantages of unrigged over rigged.

No resizer script in the decorative version – you will need to resize manually.

I have not tested the Whim version as I have no interest in it.

HUD gives 8 colours for main, 8 colours for “details”, and 4 metals.

Currently L$50 in a Fifty Linden Fridays promo.


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Mesh Thong at Insanya

Thong at Insanya

L$75 in The Saturday Sale, which I bought using Store Credit

For each body type there is a “female” and “bulge” version, and also a “pulled”, which is pulled down.

The UI for pulling down is a little clunky. To pull down your panties you need to be wearing both the pulled up version (“female” or “bulge”) and the “pulled” version, then you go to the “hide” menu on the HUD, then click “show/hide panties” to hide the pulled-up panties, then click “show/hide pulled” to show the pulled down version.

The HUD gives 30 solids and 15 patterns.

There’s no ability to mix & match on the string / edging, and the main colour. Instead, each option on the HUD is a preconfigured permutation. So row 2, column 5, is red string & edging and black material, whilst row 2, column 2 is white string & edging, and red material.

If there is a colour combination that you want, and isn’t there, then the panties are modifiable. Although I haven’t played around with that yet.


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Le Phenix by Azoury

Typically bonkers footwear by Azoury, currently at FaMESHed.

Obviously I had to buy it. I absolutely love how “out there” Azoury is and often purchase their stuff. This included.

L$419 which includes both Gold and Silver metal versions as separate objects (no HUD). In fact you could wear silver on one foot and gold on the other, should you wish.

Versions for LaraX, Legacy, Inithium: Kupra, Kalhene: Erika, eBody: Reborn, and Belleza: GenX Female Curvy. You get all versions and both metals for your L$419

The LaraX version (which is the only one I tested) does not auto-hide and you must either hide your feet or else wear the supplied BoM alpha.

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Maitreya Lara X

There is a lot of excited chatter about the upcoming Maitreya Lara X body, and also some concern, and also a lot of misinformation.

Let’s get the key information out of the way first – it is going to be a free upgrade, and Maitreya are going to continue to support Lara.

I confess that when I first heard about Lara X I thought it was a crazy idea. Lara is starting to lose market share, and more and more designers are starting to drop support for it. And there has been a proliferation of new mesh bods too. My opinion was that the last thing Maitreya needed was to fragment the market still further.

However, that changed when I learned it would be a free upgrade and that Lara would continue to be supported.

As I understand it, the reason that some designers are dropping Lara support is because it is is too much of a hassle to rig for. And Lara X is going to be much easier to rig for. So with any luck, these designers will start rigging for Lara X as well as just Legacy / Reborn (which is what they seem to be favouring).

Also, Lara X is going to allow us to be more curvy if we want to be, but will not force us to be if we don’t.

Although Lara X will be incompatible with Lara, Maitreya will (as I mentioned) continue to support Lara. So what I foresee happening is that we will run two bodies for the time being. If you buy something for Lara X you wear your Lara X and if you buy something for Lara you wear your Lara. For those of us who use Outfits extensively this won’t be an issue as it will just be part of the Outfit. For those who do their outfits on the fly, it could be an irritation perhaps.

I think, looking further into the future, what will happen is old Lara will start to go away. Maybe it will become something we start to see on only cheaper or older stuff. But you will still be able to wear it so long as you wear your Lara body.

Overall it seems like a good idea and a good way forward. But only because of the free upgrade. I think if it had been something you had to buy into then I would be less positive. Not because I begrudge Maitreya money, but because I think it would have lost them traction and it would have been just another new body with no incentive to adopt.

On a more personal note, what I need now is to find a BoM skin that I really like because I am still wearing an ancient Laqroki skin that I adore, but which suffers from the dreaded fingernail / toenail issue of pre-BoM skins, so I have to use it in Maitreya Applier mode (it works fine in BoM mode on my head though) but that denies me the advantages of BoM on body. And I am not sure if Lara X is going to support Lara Appliers (although what I have read suggests that it will).

Sadly Laqroki aren’t interested in revisiting old skins which is a pity as if they could just do me a BoM version of my skin I would be so happy.