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Helio Dress by Blume

A cute dress with puff sleeves, offered as part of ‘So Kawaii Sundays’

Vendor board

There is a choice of two colour packs (Earth and Garden)

Earth: Milk, Latte, Mahogany, Soil, Coal
Garden: Ivory, Blush, Fuschia [sic], Leaf, Sage

Each single is L$65, and each colour pack is L$325 (ie. no discount)

The colour pack HUD allows you to mix & match colours for the top, sleeves, bottom, and bow, and also gives a choice of black lace or white lace. You can see a pic of the HUD on the vendor board.

You do not get any HUD with a single pack.

It’s not clear at all from the vendor pics, but the dress features a bare midriff.

There is a BoM alpha included but, on the LaraX version at least, no auto-hider and I needed to use alpha cuts to sort out some clipping under my arms because I do not use BoM for my body.

The weighting on the skirt is such that you get the standard bunching up effect that you often get.

I bought the Earth pack:

Earth pack, default colours

The HUD is indeed as shown in the vendor pic. It’s worth noting that the HUD is transparent, which can make it hard to read on dark backgrounds but is fine on light backgrounds.

Earth pack HUD

I also bought the Fuchsia single.

Fuchsia single

To be honest, in hindsight, I probably could have just got away with that single.


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Preppy dress by (various)

I recently bought the Sophia dress by Lithium, which was on promo for The Saturday Sale at L$85 per single or L$650 for the fatpack.

Sophia by Lithium

Then, whilst doing the Miix Weekend sale, I noticed that Sugar Dolls are selling the same dress for L$55 for a fatpack.

MIO by Sugar Dolls

This isn’t a huge shock as merchant mesh (or reseller mesh) is a big thing, and clearly the dress mesh is one of those.

The dress itself is quite cute and preppy. It’s a short sweater dress with a shirt/blouse underneath, with the collar of the blouse outside of the jumper, and 3/4 sleeves with the cuffs turned back. It’s accessorized by a belt which has some heart accessories on it.

There are no panties.

There are some rigging issues and we have a situation where the tips of the collar are attached to the body, and the top to the neck, so when you look from left to right the collar stretches like rubber.

The metal elements of the belt suffer slightly from this too, but far less so.

Sophia by Lithium

The Lithium version sells for L$85 per single, with a choice of 7 colours.

With a single pack you get a shirt HUD giving 36 colours, and a separate belt HUD also giving 36 colours, plus 3 options for the metals.

Lithium HUDs

The fatpack is L$650 (breakeven 7.6) and with that you also get a dress HUD giving 36 colours.


MIO by Sugar Dolls

The Sugar Dolls version sells for L$55, fatpack only.

The HUD is not very polished, and isn’t labelled. It looks like it should have a texture on the left but it is blank.

It is also labelled Charlotte not Sugar Dolls

Sugar Dolls HUD

From playing with it I can see that it allows you to colour the dress with 50 solid colours, and that the shirt & belt have been linked and you can colour them 50 colours (but not colour the shirt & belt separately). You cannot colour the metals and they are fixed at gold.

NOTE: The Sugar Dolls version does not have a demo. In fact none of their items seem to have demos. So if you want to demo the dress then you had best go to Lithium and get their demo.




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Stardust by Masoom

In-store vendor

An oriental-style dress with very high slits up the sides, and a separate (optional, bought separately) stole

Dress singles L$255, or L$230 with Group discount:

  • Black
  • White
  • Nude
  • Pink
  • Sky blue
  • Willow
  • Royal blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Choco
  • Yellow
  • Aqua

Dress fatpack L$1,555 (breakeven 6.1) or L$1,400 with Group discount, and gives 18 colours.

With the singles HUD, the edging options are the dress colour, plus the metals (pale gold, black, silver, gold)

On both the singles (and presumably fatpack) HUD, the chains can be coloured to the metals colours and also any of the dress colours. Which feels odd.

Stoles L$255 each and match the above
Stole fatpack the same

Megapack L$2,955 (breakeven 5.79 based on buying a single dress + stole), or L$2,660 with group discount.

The unpacker lets you choose the body to unpack

I bought the red dress and did not buy a stole

In-store advert for dress fatpack HUD


In-store advert for stole fatpack HUD


Single HUD


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Paige heels by ICHULY

Vendpr advert

I’m absolutely sure that I already own these from a different vendor but I can’t find them anywhere in my inventory.

L$90 per mini-pack (choice of 8):

  • B/W pack
  • Pink pack
  • Red pack
  • Brown pack
  • Sand pack
  • Blue pack
  • Green pack
  • Nude pack
Mini-pack vendors

Fatpack L$599 (breakeven 6.66)

The Fatpack HUD gives 32 colours for each of Leather, Lace, Laces, and Sole, plus 7 metals, and 5 “Taps”.

From playing with the HUD, I can see that “sole” is actually the insole, and “tap” is the outer sole and heel tip. Also, “leather” affects the the non-lace part of the upper, plus the heel (excluding the heel tip).

The HUD also lets you show/hide the left and right shoes individually, although I don’t know why you would want to do that!

You can also turn “details” on and off, although on the demo HUD this didn’t seem to do anything.

Fatpack HUD

I took a punt on the B/W pack, and can confirm that the HUD you get with a mini-pack is the same as the Fatpack apart from the fact you only get your chosen row on Leather and Lace.

Also, “Details” still seems to do nothing.

Example of a Mini-pack HUD

All packs come with two versions of the shoe – loose and tight. Sizing is Lara/LaraX, Legacy/Perky, and eBody Reborn.


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Amanza top by Erratic

A cool two-part top currently at Anthem

Sizing is LaraX & PetiteX, Legacy & Perky, and Reborn

Singles L$199 each:

  • black
  • washed navy
  • acid
  • gunmetal
  • espresso
  • burgundy
  • mustard
  • rose
  • lilac
  • olive
  • earl grey
  • moss
  • beige
  • nude
  • white

Fatpack L$1,499 (breakeven 7.53), HUD gives 20 options for each of upper and lower, and 6 metals.

Singles HUD gives a choice of 6 metals only.

Upper and lower can be worn separately, so if you omit the upper you get a boob tube.

It’s a little bit of a pity that the rivet / popper in the middle (in the cleavage area) is deformed though. I’m not even especially busty either.


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Maybe blogging isn’t for me

You may have noticed that I had a brief flurry of doing short fashion blog posts whilst shopping.

I thought maybe this was a thing I might do regularly.

Sadly, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort. So it has sort of fizzled out again.


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Fiona overknee boots by Meva

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on a pair of boots I bought at Uber towards the end of last month (26-Jan-24, to be precise)

They are Fiona Overknees by Meva.

Very stylish overknee boots with stud detail.

Compatible with Lara, LaraX, Legacy, and Reborn.

NOTE: I found that the LaraX version requires you to hide your feet.

The HUD gives

  • 15 textures for the main sleeve of the boots, which includes some distressed looks
  • 15 textures for the toe / upper and the counter (the back of the foot)
  • 15 textures for the straps and the seam up the side of the leg
  • 12 metals for the cubes
  • 12 metals for the round studs
  • 12 metals for the buckles
  • 12 metals for the zipper
  • 12 textures for the sole

All this for L$460

The Uber event that these are for sale at runs until 22-Feb-24



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Lara Lingerie by erotiK

A sexy bustier top with a LOT of underbewb, with matching thong, with heart ring details and corset ribbon lacing.

L$99 for the fatpack in the weekly “99 sale”.

Legacy + Perky, Reborn + Waifus, Kupra, Maitreya Lara + LaraX

The HUD gives you a lot of options (see pic below), including latex textures and seda (silk), plus patterns.

The positions of the Top and Bottom colour options seem to be in the same, even though on the HUD they look different. Kind of an odd choice not to use exactly the same textures for both on the HUD.


Other things I am wearing in the pics:

Body is LaraX, head is Catwa, skin is Laqroki

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Sable bodysuit by BDR

A skimpy sexy bodysuit by Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR) available in 3 different texture styles:

  • PVC – L$69 as part of the Kinky 69 event
  • Fishnet – L$77 as part of Miix Weekend
  • Patterns – L$77 as part of Miix Weekend

The unpacker allows you to just unpack your body type, or to unpack all.

The Maitreya version does not include the newer LaraX but instead just the older Lara.

I went for the PVC version, and the HUD gives you varying levels of transparency, plus a solid version, which is pretty sexy.

It’s worth noting that on me (wearing Maitreya Lara), the nipple piercings don’t actually line up with my nipples meaning I need to hide the piercings for anything other than a solid texture.



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Heart on Collar by Paniq

A cute unisex collar / choker, with a heart ring at the front, buckle at the back, and heart details.

Comes with both a version scripted for the Whim RLV collar system, and an unscripted decorative version.

It is unrigged mesh. It moves with the head, rather than with the neck. There’s no deformation, which is one of the advantages of unrigged over rigged.

No resizer script in the decorative version – you will need to resize manually.

I have not tested the Whim version as I have no interest in it.

HUD gives 8 colours for main, 8 colours for “details”, and 4 metals.

Currently L$50 in a Fifty Linden Fridays promo.