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Preppy dress by (various)

I recently bought the Sophia dress by Lithium, which was on promo for The Saturday Sale at L$85 per single or L$650 for the fatpack.

Sophia by Lithium

Then, whilst doing the Miix Weekend sale, I noticed that Sugar Dolls are selling the same dress for L$55 for a fatpack.

MIO by Sugar Dolls

This isn’t a huge shock as merchant mesh (or reseller mesh) is a big thing, and clearly the dress mesh is one of those.

The dress itself is quite cute and preppy. It’s a short sweater dress with a shirt/blouse underneath, with the collar of the blouse outside of the jumper, and 3/4 sleeves with the cuffs turned back. It’s accessorized by a belt which has some heart accessories on it.

There are no panties.

There are some rigging issues and we have a situation where the tips of the collar are attached to the body, and the top to the neck, so when you look from left to right the collar stretches like rubber.

The metal elements of the belt suffer slightly from this too, but far less so.

Sophia by Lithium

The Lithium version sells for L$85 per single, with a choice of 7 colours.

With a single pack you get a shirt HUD giving 36 colours, and a separate belt HUD also giving 36 colours, plus 3 options for the metals.

Lithium HUDs

The fatpack is L$650 (breakeven 7.6) and with that you also get a dress HUD giving 36 colours.


MIO by Sugar Dolls

The Sugar Dolls version sells for L$55, fatpack only.

The HUD is not very polished, and isn’t labelled. It looks like it should have a texture on the left but it is blank.

It is also labelled Charlotte not Sugar Dolls

Sugar Dolls HUD

From playing with it I can see that it allows you to colour the dress with 50 solid colours, and that the shirt & belt have been linked and you can colour them 50 colours (but not colour the shirt & belt separately). You cannot colour the metals and they are fixed at gold.

NOTE: The Sugar Dolls version does not have a demo. In fact none of their items seem to have demos. So if you want to demo the dress then you had best go to Lithium and get their demo.




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