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Helio Dress by Blume

A cute dress with puff sleeves, offered as part of ‘So Kawaii Sundays’

Vendor board

There is a choice of two colour packs (Earth and Garden)

Earth: Milk, Latte, Mahogany, Soil, Coal
Garden: Ivory, Blush, Fuschia [sic], Leaf, Sage

Each single is L$65, and each colour pack is L$325 (ie. no discount)

The colour pack HUD allows you to mix & match colours for the top, sleeves, bottom, and bow, and also gives a choice of black lace or white lace. You can see a pic of the HUD on the vendor board.

You do not get any HUD with a single pack.

It’s not clear at all from the vendor pics, but the dress features a bare midriff.

There is a BoM alpha included but, on the LaraX version at least, no auto-hider and I needed to use alpha cuts to sort out some clipping under my arms because I do not use BoM for my body.

The weighting on the skirt is such that you get the standard bunching up effect that you often get.

I bought the Earth pack:

Earth pack, default colours

The HUD is indeed as shown in the vendor pic. It’s worth noting that the HUD is transparent, which can make it hard to read on dark backgrounds but is fine on light backgrounds.

Earth pack HUD

I also bought the Fuchsia single.

Fuchsia single

To be honest, in hindsight, I probably could have just got away with that single.


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