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Paige heels by ICHULY

Vendpr advert

I’m absolutely sure that I already own these from a different vendor but I can’t find them anywhere in my inventory.

L$90 per mini-pack (choice of 8):

  • B/W pack
  • Pink pack
  • Red pack
  • Brown pack
  • Sand pack
  • Blue pack
  • Green pack
  • Nude pack
Mini-pack vendors

Fatpack L$599 (breakeven 6.66)

The Fatpack HUD gives 32 colours for each of Leather, Lace, Laces, and Sole, plus 7 metals, and 5 “Taps”.

From playing with the HUD, I can see that “sole” is actually the insole, and “tap” is the outer sole and heel tip. Also, “leather” affects the the non-lace part of the upper, plus the heel (excluding the heel tip).

The HUD also lets you show/hide the left and right shoes individually, although I don’t know why you would want to do that!

You can also turn “details” on and off, although on the demo HUD this didn’t seem to do anything.

Fatpack HUD

I took a punt on the B/W pack, and can confirm that the HUD you get with a mini-pack is the same as the Fatpack apart from the fact you only get your chosen row on Leather and Lace.

Also, “Details” still seems to do nothing.

Example of a Mini-pack HUD

All packs come with two versions of the shoe – loose and tight. Sizing is Lara/LaraX, Legacy/Perky, and eBody Reborn.


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Fiona overknee boots by Meva

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on a pair of boots I bought at Uber towards the end of last month (26-Jan-24, to be precise)

They are Fiona Overknees by Meva.

Very stylish overknee boots with stud detail.

Compatible with Lara, LaraX, Legacy, and Reborn.

NOTE: I found that the LaraX version requires you to hide your feet.

The HUD gives

  • 15 textures for the main sleeve of the boots, which includes some distressed looks
  • 15 textures for the toe / upper and the counter (the back of the foot)
  • 15 textures for the straps and the seam up the side of the leg
  • 12 metals for the cubes
  • 12 metals for the round studs
  • 12 metals for the buckles
  • 12 metals for the zipper
  • 12 textures for the sole

All this for L$460

The Uber event that these are for sale at runs until 22-Feb-24



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Le Phenix by Azoury

Typically bonkers footwear by Azoury, currently at FaMESHed.

Obviously I had to buy it. I absolutely love how “out there” Azoury is and often purchase their stuff. This included.

L$419 which includes both Gold and Silver metal versions as separate objects (no HUD). In fact you could wear silver on one foot and gold on the other, should you wish.

Versions for LaraX, Legacy, Inithium: Kupra, Kalhene: Erika, eBody: Reborn, and Belleza: GenX Female Curvy. You get all versions and both metals for your L$419

The LaraX version (which is the only one I tested) does not auto-hide and you must either hide your feet or else wear the supplied BoM alpha.

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ANIKA by Utopia Design

The shoes and boots by Utopia Design generally fall into two categories; those which have ridiculous platform soles and those that I absolutely love and generally buy without question.

These boots have been available exclusively at Uber for the past month and are now, as of today (22-Nov-2021), available in the mainstore.

For some reason I missed them at Uber.

Anyway, this seemed like a ‘no question’ purchase.

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