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Amanza top by Erratic

A cool two-part top currently at Anthem

Sizing is LaraX & PetiteX, Legacy & Perky, and Reborn

Singles L$199 each:

  • black
  • washed navy
  • acid
  • gunmetal
  • espresso
  • burgundy
  • mustard
  • rose
  • lilac
  • olive
  • earl grey
  • moss
  • beige
  • nude
  • white

Fatpack L$1,499 (breakeven 7.53), HUD gives 20 options for each of upper and lower, and 6 metals.

Singles HUD gives a choice of 6 metals only.

Upper and lower can be worn separately, so if you omit the upper you get a boob tube.

It’s a little bit of a pity that the rivet / popper in the middle (in the cleavage area) is deformed though. I’m not even especially busty either.