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Sable bodysuit by BDR

A skimpy sexy bodysuit by Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR) available in 3 different texture styles:

  • PVC – L$69 as part of the Kinky 69 event
  • Fishnet – L$77 as part of Miix Weekend
  • Patterns – L$77 as part of Miix Weekend

The unpacker allows you to just unpack your body type, or to unpack all.

The Maitreya version does not include the newer LaraX but instead just the older Lara.

I went for the PVC version, and the HUD gives you varying levels of transparency, plus a solid version, which is pretty sexy.

It’s worth noting that on me (wearing Maitreya Lara), the nipple piercings don’t actually line up with my nipples meaning I need to hide the piercings for anything other than a solid texture.



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ReNyx by Violent Seduction

I have way too much stuff, and spend too much money in SL, but I really couldn’t resist this cute latex outfit by Violent Seduction that is their current Fifty Linden Fridays (FLF) offering.

There is a Darks Pack and a Lights pack, each of which is L$50 and is for just one body. So if, like me, you use the Maitreya Lara body then you buy the Maitreya pack.

Shown in my pic is the HUD you get with the Darks pack, since that’s the one I bought.

Note: The HUD gives the impression that there is a slider giving a sliding scale between fully solid and fully sheer, but this is not the case. The ‘slider’ is just a divider, and ‘SOLID’ and ‘SHEER’ are buttons.


The hair I am wearing is by Truth and was a VIP Group Gift.