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Mesh Thong at Insanya

Thong at Insanya

L$75 in The Saturday Sale, which I bought using Store Credit

For each body type there is a “female” and “bulge” version, and also a “pulled”, which is pulled down.

The UI for pulling down is a little clunky. To pull down your panties you need to be wearing both the pulled up version (“female” or “bulge”) and the “pulled” version, then you go to the “hide” menu on the HUD, then click “show/hide panties” to hide the pulled-up panties, then click “show/hide pulled” to show the pulled down version.

The HUD gives 30 solids and 15 patterns.

There’s no ability to mix & match on the string / edging, and the main colour. Instead, each option on the HUD is a preconfigured permutation. So row 2, column 5, is red string & edging and black material, whilst row 2, column 2 is white string & edging, and red material.

If there is a colour combination that you want, and isn’t there, then the panties are modifiable. Although I haven’t played around with that yet.


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