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Emerald and alternatives

[Originally posted 26-Aug-2010 here]

Oh dear. Just when we thought Emerald was ok, it turns out that it (or possibly just one developer) had nefarious intentions after all.

I love Emerald and it has some fantastic features, but this is very concerning. I think that it’s laudable that the remaining members of the Emerald team are making very positive noises about restoring confidence in the viewer, but I think perhaps it is time to investigate other viewers. Not least because of questions on whether Fractured Crystal was working alone or in collusion with developers who are still on the Emerald team.

Talk on the blogs and stuff is that the Imprudence Viewer is worth a look as it has a lot of the features Emerald has, including a client-side radar, RLVa, temporary texture uploads, Disable Login/Logout/Teleport Screens, See object’s Last (previous) Owner, IM autoresponder, and Breast Physics. Yes, we all claim that Breast Physics is no big deal but we all know it is. LOL.

So I’m going to have a play with it tonight. Imprudence, I mean. Not my breasts.

Have fun

Let me know what you think!

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