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I’m now self-hosting my blog

If you’re visiting my blog then you may have noticed that the address has changed.

The nice guys at DataHamster have let me have space on their server to host my blog, rather than relying on

The main reason I have done this is so that I can have redirects, which means that whenever I update my Compiling Your Own Viewer post, I can make sure that the link does not become broken.

The other advantage is that visitors don’t get spammed by adverts inserted by either. You’re welcome. 🙂

The only downside is that although comments came across ok, “likes” did not come across. 🙁


6 thoughts on “I’m now self-hosting my blog

  1. Hi beccapet, it’s me Rafael, now I’m logged with my Google account, I’ve received your email a few days ago, so you have migrated to a self-hosting, that’s great! I’ve been testing out things such as subscriptions, likes, follows, I got a welcome email from the subscription, it seems everything is working fine, also all my comments still ok, I had to re-like them tho as you mentioned, and the redirection is working just a few seconds more in delay untill it redirects to your url, a slight difference I’d say, for nearby countries it may be unnoticeable. Best wishes and keep going on! 😉

  2. I just posted a commentary a few seconds ago, but it didn’t tell me if the commentary was sent, so I’m not sure if you received that.

    1. Yes, sorry. I have comments set to manual approval at present. But after the first approval it should auto-approve your subsequent comments in future.

  3. Just a new commentary test, my previous comment was actually logged through Word Press using a Gravatar or something like that, now I’m really logged with Google account, my previous 2 messages should at least send me a notification that my comments will be supervised by you before they get posted just like it used to be before the migration, not sure if that notification system is an option you have turned it off or something is missing.

    1. There may be a few teething problems to start off with. And all the “likes” not coming across is a little annoying. But on the upside, we now have redirects and also no adverts. Yay!

      This means that when I update a post (which will change the URL) I can add a redirect for the old URL.

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