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Top Tip: Disable scripts on items that don’t need them

Lots of clothes are now coming with standard resizer scripts, which include the ability to delete the scripts when you have fitted them right. This reduces lag and is a really good idea, although you should always make sure that you have a backup copy first. Never do this on your only copy if you ever plan to change your shape!

But what if you have a no-copy outfit like the amazing full-prim outfits from Feral Spirit by Melanie Jaehun? You have a problem, because you can’t make a backup and you don’t want to delete the scripts in your only copy of the outfit.

Melanie made the excellent suggestion that, for objects that are no-copy but are mod, you can disable the scripts instead. With 1.x Viewers (eg. Phonenix, Imprudence, etc.) you go to the Tools menu and select “Set Scripts to Not Running in Selection” for each object. This will have the same lag-reducing benefits as removing the script, but without losing the ability to re-enable it and run it again in the future.

Thanks for the tip, Melanie!

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Second Life Photography

[Originally posted 19-Mar-2010 here]

Photography is one of the many things I enjoy in SL. At the time of writing I have over 660 pictures on my Flickr account

Torley Linden has a great wiki page on various tips and tricks here:

One trick I use a lot is to take a snapshot using the dialog and then use the mouse-based camera controls to get the angle just right and then refresh it again. There’s a simple tutorial on it here. If you’re into SL photography then it’s a great technique to master.

Something that has annoyed me for ages is the foot shadow. I’m forever trying to correct it in post-production because the invisiprims on a lot of my boots cause the shadow to come out wrong. This problem will start to go away with the new alpha masking for feet in Viewer 2.0 but it will still be around for a while. So imagine my delight (and annoyance that I only just found this out) when I discovered you can turn off the foot shadow!
It’s Advanced menu > Rendering > Features > Foot Shadows

For my next set of photos I’m planning on making use of the depth and object matte capture modes and introducing depth of field in post production. Should be a new challenge for me and I’m really looking forward to it. Watch this space!

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